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Waste Management

compliance and cost reduction

Many regulations have to be observed in waste handling. Although european legislation has altered some of the federal laws and ordinances there are still different regulations and approaches at federal state level. In Germany the waste producer remains responsible for the obedience of laws and regulations by his contractors.

Sometimes the complexity
of the regulations and frequent changes are causing insecurity and neglect of regulations. On the other hand, environmentally and legally sound opportunities of waste disposal might be ignored because of legal doubts.

We can show you options of waste disposal or waste treatment - well priced yet legally compliant.

Demolition and construction projects mostly produce great amounts of waste, especially rubble and excavated soil. We offer you the complete range of services, starting with sampling and investigation, all over preparation of the legal documents, transport and waste disposal or waste treatment to documentation.

Hazardous waste with asbestos
Hazardous waste - laquers and fragments
of asbestos cement after a fire


We prepare waste management concepts for minimizing the amount of hazardous and cost intensive waste and facilitating utilization of the materials.