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Geotechnical Services


Buildings stable and free of damage need a foundation well adapted to the ground conditions. A geotechnical investigation is prerequisite for a good foundation.

Geotechnical investigations in the planning process allow for identification of problems of the soil and adequate reactions like special foundations or soil replacement. Especially with more complex construction projects - like in cities with directly adjacent buildings - meeting the time frame and the budget makes geotechnical investigation indispensable. As buildings are built with basements going deeper into the ground groundwater situation becomes more important.

Many areas in germany showed rising groundwater levels in the recent past compared to the 60s to 80s when groundwater consumption in germany was at it´s highest and when many of the existing buildings have been constructed.

Soil investigation in the field is undertaken by percussion hammer driven window samplers, large diameter core drillings and dynamic penetration testing (german standard) or even standard penetration testing depending on the projects requirements.

We carry out geotechnical investigations for property developers, architects, private house builders as well as for local building authorities and road construction departments.

Costs of generally 0,5 - 1,5 % of the costs of the building shell for the geotechnical investigation have to be balanced with the prevention of damage to the building and sometimes cutting costs of the foundation.

Quite often geotechnical investigations can provide essential information on the disposal or utilization of the material to be excavated and thus prevent additional costs during the construction process.

Dynamic penetration testing
Dynamic penetration testing

landslide after intense rainfall due to the use of unsuitable soil material

settlement crack
settlement crack due to foundation in loose sediments...