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Property / Environmental assessment

Hardly any property transaction comes without environmental assessment today - with good reason. Especially buildings dating from the 50-s to the early 80-s might contain hazardous substances like friable asbestos, PCB, PAH or wood preservatives. In many cases regulations at that time required the use of these substances.

An environmental assessment of property has to check for compliance with current regulations concerning hazardous substances in building fabrics and in the equipment of the building. Demolition of commercial or industrial buildings mostly requires an environmental assessment and demolition design report.

Knowledge of hazardous substances in the building is therefor essential for conversion or demolition of buildings as well as for operating a commercial building.

A preliminary inspection mostly already identifies most of the visible critical substances. Additional steps of investigation and sampling might follow, if necessary. We also do detailed studies with in depth inspection and sampling of each room.


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A geotechnical survey, looking for soil specific values and groundwater protection and checking plausibility of existing geotechnical reports might discover risks and help to avoid misinvestments.

Detailed information on hazardous substances is essential in planning of conversion and decontamination and estimating their costs as well as for preparation of bid invitations and demolition concepts.

Particularly potential tenants of commercial buildings appreciate information on hazardous materials surveys.

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