Former Laquer production plant
Design, preparation of bidding documents and supervision of soil, soi-gas and groundwater remediation. Health and safety plan. Considerable savings in compared to the primary remediation design

City of Wiesbaden


Investigation, remediation design and supervision of a mercury soil contamination including health and safety plan. Realisation fit into the ongoing construction project.

Project developer

Groundwater model for separation of two contamination plumes of CHC. Identification of a third contamination source that has been affirmed with supplementary investigations.

Regional board of Hessia (Darmstadt)

Conduction and supervision of CHC remediation. Soil gas extraction and groundwater treatment.

Metal processing company in Stockstadt/Rh.

Historical reviews and subsoil investigations of several sites including former gas production plants, foundry, railway workshops, industrial landfills, petrol stations.

German Railway


Demolition of buildings, disposal of excavated materials (25,000 t)

German Railway

Former premises of a major company (city of Frankfurt/M)
Investigation of building fabrics and subsoil, demolition and disposal plan, environmental supervision of demolition and excavation

Property investment company

completed object*
external site

Investigation of building fabrics and geotechnical investigation of a shopping mall in Goettingen

Property investment company

Environmental assessment (building fabrics, geotechnics, technical equipment) of several major office buildings
in London, Paris, Bruxelles, Madrid, Stuttgart and Munich

Property investment company

Environmental subsoil investigation, geotechnical investigation and demolition design for construction of a new store



Environmental site investigation (soil, soil gas, buildings) of a production plant for construction chemicals in Giessen

Asset management company in Frankfurt/M

Investigation and remediation of subsoil contamination by transformer oil and fire extinguisher foam

Electric utility company in Heilbronn

Subsoil investigations, remediation of soil gas and groundwater contamination by CHC at a former electricaal equipment production site

Community of heirs in Frankfurt/M

Investigation of building fabrics and subsoil, demolition supervision

Port company of Frankfurt/M

Former metal processing company
Remediation of subsoil contaminations by CHC, TPH and heavy metals. Conduction and supervision of soil gas extraction at 32 wells, demolition design and supervision, soil remediation design and supervison of excavation



Building investigation, demolition design, pilote asbestos abatement, demolition application and demolition supervision for office buildings from the 1960s (175,000 m³ cubic content)

Insurance company in Frankfurt

Design and supervison of PCDD remediation of a former waste incineration facility

Hospital in Frankfurt/M

Hydrogeological study of a catchment

Regional water board

Project management for remediation of a kerosene spill at Rhein-Main Air Base

Local environmental authority

Design, conduction and supervision of remdeiation of a CHC groundwater contamination in a drinking water supply area

Regional water board

Gasoline tank truck accident , soil investigation, hazard assessment, remediation design and supervision

Insurance company

Investigation and remediation of a soil air contamination by gasoline

Local environmental authority (Army site)